in 100 words:

  • I am Klim; owner of an awesome palindrome nickname.
  • Mathematician and programmer working on PhD. Passionate about solving equations (numerically) and calculating integrals.
  • Found of programming marathons. Addicted to good coffee.
  • Like user-friendly things. Hate 80/20.
  • “Problem solver” and full-time learner. Vectorization master (MATLAB, numpy). Long-term winner. Love challenges. Indestructible.
  • Talk Russian, English and German. In the last 2 years seen more countries than before I have turned 20.
  • Siberian bear. Like to work remotely.
  • Good at skills I have never wanted to acquire such as team management and text writing.
  • Have been to 13 countries. Rewrote this text 19 times.

in 140 characters:

  • mathematician. coder. traveler. achiever.
  • creative. open. reliable. hard-working. indispensable.
  • matlab. c. processing. java.