Reflection after the half marathon

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It is Sunday and I am done with the Berlin half marathon 2017.

My official timing:

km time min/km
5 0:27:24 05:29
10 0:55:24 05:37
15 1:25:32 06:02
21 2:02:41 06:06

The first 10 km look great. My optimistic goal was to finish in 1:45:00 and realistic goal was to beat 2:00:00. But I failed to accomplish any of these goals.

During my 1st km I wanted to adjust my speed and find the best tempo. The watch showed 5:45 and I decided to push it a little bit further. I was running behind the guy until the 9th km. His average was 5:20. Enough to cross the finish line in less than 2 hours.

But at the 10th km I have realized that I couldn’t follow him any more. I suddenly felt super exhausted. My 1 km time jumped to 5:40 and degraded to 6:00 on average.

Turns out it is a bad idea to have only 2 trainings before running the half marathon.

Practice makes perfect.

Side note:

  • It feels so good when a girl from the crowd shouts your name. :)
  • The prize for the best poster goes to the guys with “Smile you have paid for this” poster.


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