1st of May

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May 1. Berlin. Holiday.

The weather looks fine. Streets are full of people. Coffeeshops and hipsters – everything is on its place.

People keep saying there is an amazing party in the park. “Let’s join!”. We fuck it up first coming to the wrong place and figure out that Görlitzer Park is the right place to be. We head there.

The phone connection is dead. No calls, no text messages, no Telegram, nothing! There is no way we can find our friends in the crowd.

We find them. Insane random moment – karma reward!

Drinking is easy but finding a toilet is difficult. I am still paying for last one. The standards are too high.

The music is amazing but we had to walk around to find the right vibe.

May 1. Berlin. Görlitzer Park
May 1. Berlin. Görlitzer Park

Massive sound. The street is packed with people. The waterproof jacket saves me from the beer.


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