Do we get a free T-shirt?

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The registration for the half marathon was quite long. When I finally reached the registration desk I got a sticker and a timing chip. A little bit later I received a bag with useless journals, shower gel and deodorant for women.

But I was looking for a T-shirt. I have seen adidas among sponsors and was sure that there should be an event T-shirt (Last time I messed it up – forgot to take the T-shirt – and had to go to the registration again).

This time I wanted everything to go smooth. Walking through different halls I was confused by the appearing shops and the fact that they were selling event T-shirts. Why do you sell them if we should get them anyways?

It took me a while to spot the “pre-ordered T-shirts” sign.

I immediately noticed how frustrated was the guy at the counter. He was in the non-stop yelling mode. I waited until he finished his conversation with another guy and passed him my starting number:

(All in German)

- What do you want?
- T-shirt, L-size.
- Why?!
- Because it fits me the best.

Next day I was curious why there were so few people wearing the event T-shirt. Laura told me that I had to pay for it. Then I assembled pieces together…

The guy’s “why” meant “You idiot! You have never ordered a T-shirt and you can’t get it now!”. But I was sure he wanted to propose me an M-size.

T-shirt and medal.
That T-shirt and a half marathon medal

Side note:
I can’t imagine people paying for this. The material sucks so much that it chafes the nipples. Well done adidas!


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