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I always thought that Germany is the country where everything works perfectly: and if a problem occurs it is solved within a couple of hours.

Sadly, I was too optimistic.

I gave up on the fact that people will spell my name right. But what is wrong with typing my German address at the registration office? Is that difficult to enter one number and avoid multiple waves of frustration?

One might say that I should take it easy.

Things happen, you know.

But before giving this advice, here is the real story of how funny, absurd and at the same time dramatic these mistakes can be:

The girl went to the registration office after she arrived to Aachen. Apart from general questions there was one about her religion. She said “Orthodox Christian” and never came back to this question… Until she got a job.

For some reason 9% were subtracted from her salary. As she figured out later she was signed up for the wrong religious confession.

Looks easy to fix:

  • go to the registration office;
  • say that there is a mistake;
  • don’t pay the tax.

Right? But here you face the real power of German bureaucracy.

She had to talk to the priest to give her the official paper stating that she was not the member of the church anymore! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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