Extensive guide to Aachen

The list includes 12 11 most inspiring activities you can do in Aachen. Have fun!

Enjoying Aachen boredom.
Enjoying Aachen boredom
  1. Go to a sausage party
    Girls are rare guests in this town – high chances you will end up at the party with 2-3 girls and 20 guys.

  2. Enjoy traditional music
    North Rhine-Westphalia is proud of its regional music! Go for traditional Öcher sounds.

  3. Taste “Printen” from Nobis
    “Printen” – special type of cookies – is one of the few things you can try only in Aachen.

  4. Watch an OV movie (Twice a week option)
    One time it is a sneak preview where you pay half of the price but movie is chosen at random – might be “Guardians of the galaxy” or “Loft”.

  5. Eat döner at Babylon
    The cheapest döner in town. The dairy shop was being ran in the same building during the WWII (at least that’s what the metal plate on the wall says).

  6. Visit WG at Stiftstr. 2
    This place was my island of happiness. When there is nothing to do in town you can explore the mindsets of your flatmates.

  7. Get wasted
    REWE is open until midnight.

  8. Chill at Carolus Thermen
    Restore you life total after a wild night. Visit sauna and swimming pool. You can swim in the warm water when the temperature is around zero outside.

  9. Get hipster drinks at Getränkemarkt
    I used to go to this shop to buy hipster drinks like Club Mate and Wostok. Unfortunately, this shop was demolished.

  10. Escape Aachen
    The best option might be Weeze Airport. As a student you pay nothing to get there. The flight to Venice may cost only 10 euros. If you really into Aachen come back to this option after month of staying in town.

  11. Go shopping to Vaals (Sunday option)
    This is the best (only) activity you can choose on Sunday since Aachen is completely dead.

  12. Get Del Negro ice-cream (Warm seasons option)
    Difficult to understand why people are so happy to get an ice-cream. But you’ll get there pretty soon.